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Delighted to confirm we'll be performing at this year's Kendal Calling festival! Tickets are on-sale here now.

Best New Festival / Announcing The Secret Festival 2015

We're really pleased to announce that The Secret Festival won Best New Festival at this year's UK Festival Awards! Danny had this to say:

"What started off as a crazy idea on a beach in front of a handful of our craziest fans has spiralled and spiralled and got more and more out there. We've broken into the Big Brother house, we've had paint fights in boxing arenas and spawned the guerrilla gig movement along the way. We're making a documentary film about it because I can't tell you in just a few words what we have done to get here."

"But finally, in 2014 we launched our own Secret Festival, and we were so pleased to win the Best New Festival award last night. We're really grateful to all our fans for voting for the festival."

"We want to create a festival where people can be themselves, where people can have fun and not worry about how they are or what hat they are wearing. Our own little world where everything is a fun adventure. Watch this space this is just the beginning."

The first secret festival sold out in just a few days. Now today, after months of planning, we are delighted to unleash The Secret Festival 2015, which will take place on Saturday 5th September. We're making a limited number of tickets available before Christmas, on sale from this Thursday 4th December at 9am.

Head to the Secret Festival website for more information »


Embrace return in 2014, releasing their first album in eight years with their self-titled new album ‘Embrace' released on 28th April through Cooking Vinyl.

With three #1 albums, six top ten singles, sold out arena shows and well over a million album sales behind them, Embrace were on the crest of a wave when they suddenly vanished without a trace. But now they are back with a fantastic new album conveying a rawer, darker sound whilst still keeping their signature anthems and huge choruses. Embrace are set to return with a bang. A big bang.

Danny: "The album feels like we've come full circle to the band we were before we even got signed, but the clock is ticking louder than it ever has before and everything feels more do or die now. All our original influences have floated back to the surface. I have to say that for my part, we've never felt more focussed or distilled. I think we've done it at last - we've finally made an album that's better than the first one."

The album is available to pre-order now from the band's official store on four different physical formats, with the Super Deluxe Box Set including seven different pieces of exclusive merchandise that won't be available anywhere else:

- Standard CD (signed)
- Deluxe Edition CD / DVD (signed)
- Gatefold White Double Vinyl LP (signed)
- Exclusive Super Deluxe Embrace Album Box Set

Talking about the Super Deluxe Box Set, Danny said: "We've never really done one of these before but there has been so much extra material that we've built up over the years working on this album that it felt right to do it now. I have hundreds of notebooks with song ideas that never made it to the album, and lyrics for alternative versions of songs and a million other things. I imagine people sitting down with an acoustic guitar and playing some of these songs and they will be the only people to hear them apart from the band. We also made a really fucked up piece of art called "Al's Tribute" from all the pictures fans gave us of things they have been obsessed by."

To view further details of the different physical formats of the album and pre-order your copy now, visit the band's official store here.

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